Networking platform for companies from the Canton of Berne

Thanks to be-connected, you can find everything important about innovation + entrepreneurship in the canton of Bern in one place.

The uniqueness of the Bernese innovation ecosystem

be-connected is the result of the "bottom-up initiative" launched by all the central partner organisations of the Bernese innovation ecosystem.

The uniqueness of Bern is thus also visible in the digital space and offers a lot for SMEs, start-ups and founders from the Canton of Bern:

Using the search offer, interested entrepreneurs can find the right offer for them from more than 150 support offers from over 50 partner organisations in just a few clicks.

Every day, companies create a lot of innovative things that the general public often doesn't hear much about. The be-connected news changes this and puts innovative companies in the spotlight.

Where jobs are created, value is created. Finding the right people is often difficult. With be-connected it gets easier.


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